David Smith Quintet - Circumstance - Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 267

Featuring Seamus Blake, Nate Radley, David Ephross and Mark Ferber
Audio samples:
Halloween Song
Alan Ferber Nonet - Scenes From An Exit Row - Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 224
Justin Mullens & The Delphian Jazz Orchestra - Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 172
Numinous - The Music of Joseph C. Phillips Jr.
The Morpholinos - For Background Use Only - NCM East 40119
Steve Calafati - Mediterra
Paul Carlon Octet - Other Tongues
Kim Bock Quartet - Secrets - Steeplechase SCCD 31603
Sarah Lynch - Haunted Heart - Runt One 112
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Cecilia Coleman Quintet - Images - Interplay Records IP-9902
Albums as a Sideman:
As a Leader:
Alan Ferber Nonet - The Compass - Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 284
Russ Spiegel Sextet - Chimera - Steeplechase SCCD 31622
Corneille - The Birth of Cornelius - Motown Records
Jerry Cherry - Life is Sweeter
Howard Britz - Here I Stand
Paul Carlon Octet - Roots Propaganda - Deep Tone Records DT004
Fluff Tone Records
Film Soundtracks:
The Drummer - 2008
Brett Puchir - Chicken Bucket
Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra - Transplants - Ruzztone Music
Jason Hainsworth Jazz Orchestra - Kaleidoscope - DW Jazz DW0006
Schumacher-Sanford Sound Assembly - Edge of the Mind - Beauport Jazz
Tom Jones - 24 Hours - S-Curve/EMI
Kim Bock - Live in Copenhagen - Steeplechase SCCD 31667
Justin Biaggi and The Hopeless Romantics - Love's Muse
Numinous - Vipassana - Innova INO 720
Nicholas Urie Large Ensemble - Excerpts From an Online Dating Service -
Red Piano Records
Harry Connick, Jr. - Your Songs - Sony/Columbia 747228
Justin Mullens & the Delphian Jazz Orchestra - Tales of Pan -
Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 355
Jon Gordon - Evolution - ArtistShare
David Smith Quintet - Anticipation - Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records BJUR 015

Featuring Kenji Omae, Nate Radley, Gary Wang and Greg Ritchie
Audio Samples:
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Purchase CD with Paypal; $12 includes shipping (USA)
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Erin Shields - I'd Rather Be Lonely...
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Thomson Kneeland - Mazurka For a Modern Man - Weltschmerz Records
Michael Eckroth - Sombrio
Roberta Piket - Sides, Colors - Thirteenth Note Records
NY Jazz Initiative - Mad About Thad - Jazzheads Records
Lou Caputo - Not So Big Band - Jazzcat 47 Records
As a Co-Leader:
David Smith Quintet - Impetus - Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records BJUR 054

Featuring Dan Pratt, Nate Radley, Gary Wang and Anthony Pinciotti

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Brooklyn Jazz Underground - A Portrait of Brooklyn - BJUR 035
Brooklyn Jazz Underground - 7X7 - BJUR 046
Alan Ferber - March Sublime - Sunnyside SSC1367 (Grammy-nominated)
David Cook - Scenic Design - BJUR 055
The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra - BJUR 038
Ben Stapp - Myrrha's Red Book Act I
Ben Stapp - Myrrha's Red Book Act II
Ben Stapp and the Zozimos - Return From Panapolis
Jazmín Prodan- Siete Jardines
John Yao and His 17-Piece Instrument - Flip-Flop - See Tao Recordings
Jack Project - Freedom Voyage
Kai-ya Chang - Jazz Promenade 2
Primetime - Sugarhill Blues
Amy Kohn - I'm In Crinoline
Todd Adelman - Highways & Lowways
Drew Zingg - Drew Zingg
Joel Harrison Large Ensemble - Infinite Possibilities - Sunnyside SSC1366
Alex Clough - near, far, beyond
Andy Biskin - 16 Tons - Songs From the Alan Lomax Collection - Andorfin ANDRF-007
Michael Arnowitt & ImproVisions Jazz - Sweet Spontaneous - Big Round Records BR8952
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble - Monk Dreams Hallucinations and Nightmares - Red Piano Records
Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble - Atwood Suites - Origin 82755
Dan Pugach Nonet - Plus One - Outside In Records
David Heckendorn - Dawn
Xinlu Chen - Terminal 1
Annie Chen Octet - Secret Treetop
Miggy Augmentet Orchestra - Colorful - ArtistShare
Glen Hansard - This Wild Willing - ANTI-
Peter Hum - Ordinary Hereos
Shira Averbuch - Till The Sun Comes
Misia - Soul Jazz Best 2020 - Sony Music
Manuel Valera New Cuban Express Big Band - José Martí En Nueva York - Greenleaf Music
Joe McCarthy and the New York Afro Bop Alliance Big Band - Upwards - Zoho
Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - Four Questions - Zoho
Mike Fahie Jazz Orchestra - Urban(e) - Greenleaf Music