It's a challenging time in the era of COVID 19, with 100% of performances cancelled.  Many artists went to
zero income, literally overnight. We are used to the camaraderie and joy of making music with other
musicians that have devoted their lives to this art, and yet we are unable to do that in any form for the
forseeable future.  I am taking the time to work on my music at home, and the occasional informal home
recording, and  trying to take advantage of the time to hone my craft.  

It is a concerning time for the future of jazz and for the future of live music.  Please consider the realities
that artists face when you put on some music or watch a video on YouTube to entertain yourself during
these times, and consider the literally thousand-fold difference that purchasing music makes compared with
streaming on a music platform, including paid-subscription services.  Not only will you be supporting those
artists and giving them a small amount of income when they need it most, but you will own the music in its
highest-quality form.

Stay safe.